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Watcher In The Woods

Richland County, Illinois

This was one of my very first wildlife captures.  I had my first digital DSLR camera, and was out trying to find something to shoot one fall evening.  I spotted a doe grazing out in a field just outside the woods where I was walking around.  I crept over to the edge of the woods to try and get a shot of her.  I noticed something in the corner of my eye and turned to my left.  This buck had been watching me the whole time, just waiting for me to make a startling move.  It was getting very dark, but I raised my camera and fired off a couple shots before he sprang off into the woods and spooked the other deer.  Because of the low light conditions and camera setup, this special image is only offered in one size.  It is framed and mounted in such a way that it is unlike any of my other signature pieces.
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