coyote, canine, swallow, evening, Richland County, Olney, Illinois photo


Entertaining The Coyote

Olney, Illinois

Edition of 250 

This summer I had a group of 4 Coyote pups visit my property for about a week.  They would come to drink and relax by the lake in the evenings.  I observed them with my camera for several days.  The pups would not concern themselves with my presence after the first hour or so, and would continue amusing themselves as most puppies do.  One evening, this little guy was sitting quietly and watching his siblings run about.  Then this swallow decided to torment him a little, swooping in close a few times.  The swallow was moving so fast that I did not see it at first, but I noticed the pup's head and attention frantically moving about.  By the time I figured out it was the swallow, I only had time to capture this last swoop by the bird before it lost interest and flew away.
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