White Squirrel Studio

Welcome to Anthony’s photographic fine art production studio. When Anthony is not out in the field looking through the lens then one would most likely find him here pouring over images and prints. It is here that he perfects each and every image that is released to the public. This space serves not only as production studio, but as his private gallery as well. It is adorned with Anthony’s latest works, awards, and some of Anthony’s favorite moments.

White, Yellow, Squirrel, White Squirrel, Tree, wildlife, albino, albino squirrel, cute, weird, unusual, stand out, rare, photo
White Squirrel Studio is one Anthony’s favorite places, nestled along the water’s edge on Anthony’s property just outside of Olney, IL. Every detail was personally designed by Anthony, and allows him total control over all aspects of his work. This brand new state-of-the-art space implements the latest in computing and printing technology along with the very best conservation and framing tools and materials available. It hosts a stable of the latest printers of various sizes to accommodate printing at any size and almost any material. The entire ceiling is lined with sophisticated lighting designed to optimize the proofing of fine art prints in order to obtain perfect color every time, and is the same lighting used in many of the finest museums in the world such as the Guggenheim Museum, National Gallery of Art, and the Musée d'Orsay. It is fully equipped with professional framing and mounting equipment to ensure all of his prints are framed to museum standards.

It is a very great compliment to Anthony as an artist when one likes his work well enough to display it in their home or give as a gift to another. That is why he spends so much time and effort with each and every print, to ensure the compliment you gave him will last a lifetime. For a private viewing of Anthony’s current work, please contact him by email or telephone (618) 839-6649 for an appointment.