Fine Art Prints

With the explosion of newer, better, higher resolution, and cheaper cameras being offered in today’s digital age, more and more people are diving into the world of photography. As a result of this explosion, the amount of photographic art offered has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for the average person wanting to purchase photographic art to know if he or she is buying a piece of art that will look the same today as it will in 100+ years from now, or if it is just a nice picture that will fade and show many imperfections within a couple years. Fine art photography requires the use and knowledge of professional ultrahigh resolution camera, computer, digital color management, printing, and framing equipment. The quality and sharpness in every detail of an image cannot be achieved without a mastery of all these different types of equipment. Please use the viewer below to examine all the finer details that can be seen in all of Anthony’s prints.

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Limited Editions

Fine Art Prints of Anthony's work are now only offered in Limited Editions due to the increasing popularity and demand for his work. While many photographers do not believe in limiting the number of prints one can produce, Anthony feels it is important for two reasons. The first of which is to protect the investment of the collectors who purchase his work. Keeping the number of images small provides collectors with something special that not everyone will be able to obtain, and also prevents the number of images produced from getting out of control. Secondly, by limiting the number of prints being made, it continually pushes Anthony to seek out new and exciting imagery for his collection. All of his prints are now limited to a maximum edition size of 500 across all sizes (not 500 in each size), and after every 100 that are sold the price will increase by 25%. Every Limited Edition Print has a tamper-proof holographic serial number seal attached to the back of the print with a matching seal provided on a Certificate of Authenticity. All these measures provide exclusivity through their small edition sizes, and provide a level of artistic integrity that satisfy the highest standards of fine art collection.


The fine art prints offered by Anthony’s studio are of the finest quality and longevity available today. He is constantly evaluating and comparing his current materials with the newest products and advances to insure the highest quality print possible. Each print is hand inspected and signed by Anthony to insure every image meets his expected detail and quality.

Unless specifically requested by a client, all prints are created using Fuji Cyrstal Archive Paper on a Lightjet Printer. This state of the art printer uses red, green, and blue lasers to expose images on this special paper to produce a true photograph similar to ones produced in the darkroom from film. The Crystal Archive paper contains silver halide which creates a brilliant opalescence giving the print a 3D quality that cannot be obtained with any type of professional inkjet printer used by the masses. With archival ratings in the 60-100+ year range, a very wide color gamut, large dynamic range, amazing detail and sharpness, the Lightjet printers have established themselves as the standard against which every print must be evaluated. All papers used in conjunction with the Lightjet for the creation of prints are 100% acid free, pH balanced, and are made from the highest quality materials in order to achieve the greatest possible longevity. We stand behind the quality of our prints with a Lifetime Fade-Free Warranty.

All of Anthony’s prints are mounted and matted using the finest conservation materials available. These materials are just as important as the paper the image is printed on. Everything from the mounting and matting sheets to the tapes and glues must not only be 100% acid free and pH balanced, but also nondestructive and reversible in case the print ever needs to be removed from the frame or matting. These materials used in conjunction with high quality UV protective glass/acrylic and sealed frame backing provide image longevities that can easily exceed 100+ years.


Anthony has handpicked a small collection of frames from some of the finest frame craftsmen in the world for use on his Signature Framed Pieces. Anthony personally selects a specific frame and mounting style for every image. Some images are enhanced by very elaborate frames, and some images require very simple frames. One of the most unique aspects of our framing is the use of hand wrapped linen liners instead of the regular paper matting found in every frame and hobby shop on the planet. Depending on the image, the print may be enclosed by a linen liner, double matted, or it may be floating in the frame with deckled edges. The unique combination of frame, edge, and matting is presented in such a way that every Signature Framed Print becomes a stunning piece of art. These unique frames are usually offered in various shades and colors, so we can usually accommodate a specific color need. Every piece is personally hand mounted and sealed in frame by Anthony. Any piece that is framed by Anthony carries a Lifetime Framing Warranty.

A simple 1 inch gallery style frame is also available on all Anthony’s prints. While it his Signature Framed Pieces that are most valuable and sought after by collectors, these simple frames provide a much more cost effective and uniform look when blending with pieces framed in a similar fashion. All pieces in this style will be single or double matted, and sealed in a simple 1 inch wood frame available in various shades and colors.