Here you find a small collection of custom frames hand picked by Anthony. He has selected one of the following frames for each image that he feels creates the best visual experience. Using a small collection of custom frames adds a another signature element to Anthony's artwork that sets his pieces apart from the standard over-the-counter frames used by the masses. Another unique quality to his framed artwork is the use of hand wrapped natural Linen Liners instead of regular matting found in every frame and hobby shop on the planet. All of these unique design elements, combined with the museum grade mounting materials, create a breathtakingly high impact piece of artwork. While you have the option to select any of the frames below, we have already chosen what we feel is the best match to a particular image and that will be automatically placed on your framed purchase unless specified by you.

Remember that if you purchase your artwork framed from us, then you are are cover by our Lifetime Framing Warranty as well as our "take 90 days to decide" money back guarantee.

The Choices


WHEN GREAT DESIGN MEETS DECOR, a room becomes inspired— transformed into an artistic expression that is pleasurable to the eye and soothing to the soul. Nothing showcases this stylish partnership as artfully as custom framing. The right custom frame creates a dialogue between your art and decor—a visual bridge that becomes a backdrop of personal expression.

Anthony has carefully handpicked a small collection of custom frames to create a stunning visual experience with his artwork. The most exclusive materials fashioned by the hands of skilled artisans whose superior craftsmanship guarantee a frame of exceptional quality. Every detail on these frames is carefully crafted and chosen by designers and master artisans. Nothing is overlooked. We stand behind the quality of our line of custom frames and believe in the beauty of their design because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The beauty of the natural wood grain along with smooth curves and lines is why Anthony has chosen this line of frames. Their unique natural style combined with the natural hand wrapped fabrics of linen liners and his sensational images of nature all join together to become a breathtaking piece of art. There are 3 widths and 3 colors available:

WIDTHS: 1 1/2"; 2 1/2"; 4"

COLORS: DARK = a dark expresso; MEDIUM = a warm mahogany brown; LIGHT = a light golden brown


These frames are handcrafted from real woods, and therefore no two frames are exactly the same. Slight color variations due to the changing wood grains are normal.

Charcoal - Gallery

Anthony has chosen this frame for a more simplistic and contemporary look. Staying true to the natural wood grain design of his other frames, this line also allows the natural wood grain to subtly show through giving it a very nice dark charcoal color. This is an excellent choice for blending in with existing art collections, while still showcasing Anthony's photograph with a custom design. Multiple widths allow you to use this style frame to blend in virtually any decor. You can choose a very narrow width for a very modern look, or a wide width to provide a more simplistic style while still providing a strong presence for the piece.

WIDTHS: 1 1/2"; 3 1/2"; 4 5/8"

Custom Framing

Need a particular frame style to match other pieces or certain decors? No Problem! Anthony deals directly with most of the largest and most recognized brands in the framing industry. We can offer you literally thousands of different framing options for whatever your interior design needs maybe. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or Toll Free: 1-877-977-8834 to ask about our custom options and pricing.


Environmentally Conscious


We take great care and pride in knowing that our mouldings are made using only woods from active reforestation programs. Our suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved and adhere to strict guidelines. In addition, we also use recycled and environmentally friendly packaging materials whenever possible, and we use digital communications as much as possible in an effort to avoid unnecessary waste in our everyday communications. We also do our very best to maximize material usage in order to reduce waste in all of our printing and framing. Whatever waste is generated from our artwork is recycled or donated to local art programs whenever possible.